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We take pride in the process of creation. This stems from the transformative impact it can have on people’s lives, the satisfaction of solving complex problems, and the joy of seeing our ideas come to life. It is a testament to our creativity, innovation, and ability to make a positive difference in the world.


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Whether it’s through our own innovative ideas or providing solutions to others, we are dedicated to finding the answers you need.

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We bring products to life with captivating visuals and seamless functionality. Our team works closely to understand customers need and translate it into a stunning product that will leave your audience in awe.

Prototyping and Testing

Once the concept is clear, we spend countless hours building and testing the product to make sure we achieve the best possible outcome

Production and Launch

For each product to be produced with the same quality standards, we do not only develop a process of control and quality assurance, but we put heart and soul in every single one.



This is by far the best version of this type of combination lock ever seen.

The Larry Lock Comes complete with lock and instant streaming videos with routines for both close-up and stage performances.


Includes Gimmick


3+ hours of IN-DEPTH tutorial


The Larry Peek Wallet

“The Larry Peek Wallet is, like all of his creations, wonderful! Larry always has a way of coming up with something a little different and ingenious. Those of you who have Larry’s Lock know how clever that prop is. Well, the Larry Peek Wallet is just as diabolical! With it you can create direct and impossible feats of mind reading. It is a great accessory that no Mentalist should be without!”

– Richard Osterlind


Gimmick included


3+ hours of video tutorial

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